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About the Course

We know that other people tell you that your fear is irrational.  We also know that when you are in the grip of it, it is very real indeed.  That’s because when you are thinking about flying, it is having the same impact on your thinking and your bodily reactions as if there was something really awful actually happening to you – even though there isn’t.

Neuroscience is teaching us a great deal about how the brain works and we use this knowledge and a variety of psychological methods to empower you to take control of the fears that used to have control of you.  It also works for anxiety in other areas of life.

We help you to learn how your thinking works normally, how it works when it is delivering this unpleasant experience to you, how this unpleasant experience is real in your body and most importantly, how to break into the vicious cycle that has you in its grip.

You will learn how to take charge of your thinking and your bodily reactions so that you master the anxiety that used to be automatic and train your brain to be at ease when you are flying or doing anything else that has caused you to be anxious in the past.  You will take away some materials that will help you practice what you learn.

Based on the experience of our existing clients, we expect that you will already be experiencing this transformation within the half day of your course.

Alison Clarke

Alison Clarke

A Coaching Psychologist, trained in the application of cognitive behavioural therapy methods, Alison uses the latest learning from neuroscience to enable clients to transform their thinking in many areas of their lives. As human beings we can only act out of what we see possible. Alison uses proven methods taken from several areas of psychology to enable clients to transform their view of their world and the range of actions open to them. Past clients have described the experience of working with Alison as liberating. Alison works with clients who want to transform their experience of themselves, in their families, with their careers or in their businesses. Alison is a member of the British Psychological Society.

Alison was trained by Capt. Harry Brady, a senior Captain with Aer Lingus, in the answers to the questions that anxious flyers have about airline and aircraft operation and safety, security and air traffic control. Thanks to him she is able to answer clients questions about turbulence and noises that trouble some anxious flyers.

We work with clients individually or in small groups, weekdays and Saturday mornings.  You don’t have to listen to anybody else’s horror stories.  We love to hear from you afterwards when you have flown and we are very happy to take a call from you if you need to be reminded of what you learned before you fly. 

You may like to bring the person you normally travel with so that they also take the training and know exactly how to support you when you are flying.  So long as they are already confident passengers, they can attend the training with you for a significantly reduced fee.

We have also worked with young people and children.  Talk to us about how we can help yours.

Let us know about any specific needs you may have.  We will do our best to meet them.     


Fearless Flyers

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