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Fearless Flyers Stories

Jamie, Regular Business Traveller

All in all I think there is a dramatic improvement. The flight last night was pretty rocky (even the pilot said so) but I found it very manageable. I did dispel the lies, distract myself with a bit of David Attenborough and de-stress with some breathing - but the first of these did most of the work. One of the main emotions is relief that I don’t have to be responsible for flight safety anymore.

Gemma Weir, Belfast

I genuinely can't thank you enough!  I actually giggled during take off!  I had the same feeling of excitement I had all those years ago as a child.  I was a bit jittery just before we began to move but the second we started to gain speed the nervous flutters turned into happy flutters!  I was sober, non-medicated, sitting looking out of the windows and munching happily on toasties!  I was even trying to talk my husband into going to India on the flight on the way home, a life long dream I once thought I could never fulfil.  Normally I swear I will never step foot on another aircraft as soon as I'm safely back on land, let alone wanting to get up in the air again before I've even got my seat belt off!  

I'm not sure what exactly you've done to me, or how exactly you've done it, but you have honestly changed my life!  I have been telling everyone about you. They ask "what did she do?"... I respond "I can't tell you exactly.  But the bit that was broken... she fixed!"

Heather Burton, Co Tyrone

I have just returned from Tenerife after the best holiday ever.  I managed to look out of the window, watch a movie and take a nap, all on board a plane!!  I’m still not a fan on landing but that’s more to do with sore ears.  Thank you for all your help, it was really worth it.

Roger Holmes, Donegal

Yesterday I flew on a transatlantic flight from Dublin to JFK and slept most of the way! When I woke to feel that we were going through turbulence I remembered what I learned about it and its not dangerous so i went back to sleep. My girlfriend is so happy i was able to make it out here for her birthday. We are going to Peru in august to see Machu Pichu...thats 4 more flights! But im not bothered!!

Paula Lavery, Belfast

I am a 46 year old woman who over the last 21 years had developed a fear of flying. This had caused a major inconvenience to my life that was managed purely by avoiding flying but latterly I felt the need to 'deal' with the problem in order to take my Mother on holiday.... Enter Alison Clarke!

I read about Alison by Googling fear of flying course. I attended Alison's course without preconception but full of hope that I would learn factual information and gain a new confidence. I was not disappointed! Yes Alison provided much needed knowledge about the practicalities of planes and flying but more importantly she taught me new ways to think. Who knew I could get into a new groove?? A new thinking groove and it challenged/disputed my perceived realities which of course were not real at all.

Alison conducted the course in an entirely professional, confident, competent manner but also with humour and friendliness that created an atmosphere of relaxation and calmness.

I am now looking forward to a holiday with my Mother that will involve flying and I truly believe I have the confidence, skills and new thinking to make that happen because of Alison Clarke and her Fearless Flyers course.

Many thanks Alison.

Alex FleckAlex Fleck, Belfast

I could see my friends flying to rugby weekends and going on holiday with no problem.  Part of me could see there was no problem with flying but a more insistent part of me became increasingly anxious and resistant to doing it myself.  Since I took the Fearless Flyers training with Alison, flying has become as easy for me as for any of my friends and the information/tools/abitlities I gained through the training have also had a big impact in other areas of my life; I have become more confident in work and social situations where I wouldn’t even have said I had a problem and I have learned how to deal effectively with stress and its related issues.  I recommend this training to anyone who finds fear getting in the way of doing what they want – whether it’s about flying or anything else!

Kathryn Ashby, Co Antrim

I had been anxious about flying for years when I attended this course to help me fly to a family wedding abroad.  I got way more than I bargained for. I got a reinvigorated sense of self worth that has helped me wash away the damage from toxic relationships from the past.  I took my new found self confidence and light heartedness to the wedding and was able to enjoy the whole event.  I didn’t love the long flight but I did do what I learned to manage myself and wasn’t anxious at all!!

John, Derry

Having only flown once, twenty years ago, I was wary of even attending a course to overcome my fear and simply couldn't imagine travelling on a plane. The Fearless Flyers course was a revelation for me. The combination of the enthusiasm and clarity of Captain Harry Brady's descriptions of air travel, alongside Alison's clear and reassuring overview of the nature of fear was both powerful and inspirational. I left the airport feeling for the first time in two decades than getting on a plane is normal, and something maybe I could do. I ordered a passport and booked the first flight I could. The experience of flying was surreal but exciting, and I recalled the descriptions of the mechanics of flying as well as Alison's guidance on letting go of fear throughout the flights. I'm now looking forward to booking my next trip, and can't put into words how amazing this experience has been for me, one which I thought I would never see. I can't recommend the course highly enough."

Sue, Co Down

The flight over went really well. I'd be lying to say that the old heart didn't pound at all but I think it went really well. I just kept talking to myself about the training and it worked. No alcohol, pills and I didn't even cling on to my husband when taking off or landing so I was very proud and pleased with myself. It was quite windy and raining on our return trip! The wind did unnerve me slightly but I just kept talking myself through everything we learnt and actually it was fine. The heart was pumping for the few seconds that the adrenaline kicked in but after that I settled down. I would say that it's a work in progress but I'm definitely going in the right direction so thanks to one and all.  

Gill, Co Down

Just got off the flight to Glasgow! I made it! Thank you so much!

There are many more great stories from the people who have become Fearless Flyers with us in the last year.

There is the young woman who was becoming phobic about leaving home to go anywhere who very soon after enjoyed an anxiety free weekend away with her friends.

The girl whose family holidays were severely impacted by her inability to fly or take lifts in tall buildings who was quickly whizzing up and down lifts in Belfast.

The lady who hadn’t driven beyond her local shop or Doctor’s surgery in years who only a week later and for the first time in many years, drove to Bangor for a lovely day out with her daughter.

The man who almost gave up a job in England because of the agony of flying or the loneliness of not being able to go home for the weekends until he discovered that it IS possible to fly without  massive doses of tranquilisers and the fear of dying.

Fearless Flyers thanks all of these great people and more who have put their trust in us and let us be the difference that has made the difference for them.


Fearless Flyers

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